Music For Wine Project

Music for Wine is a project concept combining live music with wine tasting. We have created a unique event that offers a new and integrative approach to wine and music, connecting both into a story for the senses. The event has been organised together with the “Triangel” group, a cooperation between House of Culture Celje, ZKŠT Žalec and Festival Velenje, presenting 6 regional wine makers and music played by AirString Duo. To each wine a piece of music has been selected to fit into a perfect combination of sound, bouquet, color and taste. Drago Medved, a well known Slovene wine publicist, artist and a knight of wine, joined us to share his vast knowledge of wine with the public. Together we’ve been able to create an enchanting environment in which the guests could savor every nuance of each wine and enjoy it in the company of carefully chosen music. We enjoyed every minute of it both on November 14th in “Vila Bianca” in Velenje and on the following day in the entrance hall of ZKŠT Žalec. The guests’ warm smliles revealed they’ve been through a really unique experience, and for those who wanted to enjoy a lasting souvenir we’ve also made our Summer Skies album available.


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